WLMC - Masonic Units
Craft Lodges
Number Lodge Meeting Dates
1920 Eurydice Lodge 4th Wed Apr & Oct (i)
1974 Saint Mary Abbotts Lodge 4th Fri Jan (i) & May,  2nd Fri Mar & Nov
1996 Priory Lodge of Acton 2nd Tue Feb, 1st Tue Apr & Jun (i), 4th Tue Nov
2090 Hammersmith Lodge 4th Tue Feb, Apr (i) & Sep, 1st Thu Dec
2400 Brentford Lodge 2nd Tue Jan, Mar, May & Nov (i)
2512 Fulham Lodge 1st Tue Mar, May (i) & Dec, 3rd Tue Oct
2662 Ealing Lodge 2nd Wed Mar, May, Sep & Nov (i)
2765 Earls Court Lodge 1st Tue Mar, May, Sep (i) & Nov
3014 Fairfax Lodge 3rd Sat Feb, 1st Sat Apr (i), 2nd Sat Oct & Dec
3268 Gunnersbury Lodge 3rd Thu Jan (i), Mar, May & Nov
3410 Golders Green Lodge 4th Mon Jan (i), Mar, Sep & Nov
3576 Kayhough Lodge 4th Sat Feb (i), 3rd Sat May, Sep & Nov
3686 Westfield Lodge 3rd Wed Jan (i), Mar, May & Oct
3994 Edward Latymer Lodge 3rd Tue Jan, Mar & Nov (i), 2nd Tue Oct
4445 Turnham Green Lodge 1st Mon Feb, Oct & Dec (i), 3rd Mon May
4576 Boston Park Lodge 3rd Thu Feb (i), Apr, Oct & Dec
5108 St Nicholas Lodge 4th Tue Jan, 1st Thu Mar, 3rd Tue Sep (i), 1st Wed Nov
5367 Phrygian Lodge 2nd Thu Jan, 2nd Tue Feb, 4th Tue Oct (i) & Nov
5786 Lumen Lodge 4th Sat Feb (i), Sep & Nov, 3rd Sat Apr
5972 Springfield Lodge 4th Wed Jan & Nov (i), 4th Tue Mar, 3rd Wed Sep
6215 Horsenden Hill Lodge 2nd Fri Feb, 3rd Wed Apr, 4th Wed Sep, 4th Thu Nov (i)
6223 Stilehall Lodge 1st Wed Feb, Apr, Oct (i) & Dec
6274 West Ealing Lodge 2nd Mon Mar, May, Sep (i) & Nov
6453 St Andrew's Stockwell Lodge 3rd Sat Mar (i), 1st Sat Jun, Oct & Dec
6618 Square and Level Lodge 1st Tue Feb, 3rd Mon Apr (i), 2nd Tue Jun, 4th Thu Sep
6925 Kensington Park Lodge 1st Thu Feb (i), 3rd Fri Mar, 1st Fri Jun, 2nd Fri Oct, 1st Thu Dec
6961 New Brentford Lodge 1st Fri Feb, May (i), Oct & Dec
7189 New Broomfield Lodge 2nd Sat Feb, 1st Sat Jun, 3rd Sat Sep (i) & Nov
7343 Remigium Lodge 3rd Wed Feb, 4th Wed Mar, 2nd Wed Oct (i) & Dec
8043 Lodge of Uprightness 4th Thu Mar, 3rd Tue May, 1st Thu Oct, 3rd Wed Dec (i)
8076 Lodge of Perfect Harmony 2nd Mon Feb (i), 1st Mon Apr, 3rd Mon Jun, 4th Mon Oct
8675 Equator Lodge 1st Sat Feb, 2nd Sat May (i), Sep & Nov
9627 West London Lodge of Installed Masters Last Working Day of Mar & Oct (i) - Excluding Sat
Number Chapter Meeting Dates
780 Royal Alfred Chapter 4th Mon Feb, 4th Tue May, 3rd Mon Oct (i)
1056 Victoria Chapter 2nd Wed Jan & Apr, 1st Thu Oct (i)
1996 Priory Chapter of Acton Last Working Day of Jan (i), Apr & Nov
2662 Ealing and Northern Heights Chapter 4th Thu Jan & Nov (i), 3rd Thu Apr
3014 Fairfax Chapter 4th Wed Jan (i), 3rd Wed Apr & Nov
3576 Pymmes Park and Kayhough Chapter 4th Sat Feb (i), 3rd Sat May & Nov
3686 Westfield Chapter 1st Wed Apr, Oct & Dec (i)
4676 Hanwell Chapter 2nd Thu Feb, Apr & Nov (i)
4931 Loyalty United 3rd Wed Mar & May, 2nd Wed Nov (i)
4996 Sirius 2nd Sat Mar, 4th Sat Jun (i), 4th Sat Nov
8675 Equator Chapter 4th Wed Feb, Jun (i) & Oct
9160 Chapter of Illumination, Hope and Opportunity 1st Mon Mar, 2nd Mon May & Oct (i)
9627 West London Chapter of First Principals 1st Wed May (i), Last working day Sep
Mark Master Masons
Number Lodge Meeting Dates
315 Henniker Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners 1st Fri Feb (i) & Nov, 2nd Fri May
315 Henniker Lodge of Mark Master Masons 1st Fri Feb & Nov (i), 2nd Fri May
1889 Equator Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners 3rd Fri Feb, May (i), & Oct
1889 Equator Lodge of Mark Master Masons 3rd Fri Feb, May, & Oct (i)
Knights Templar
Number Preceptory Meeting Dates
576 St John at Ealing Preceptory 1st Sat April, 3rd Sat Jun, 2nd Sat Nov (i)
Secret Monitor and Scarlet Cord
Number Preceptory Meeting Dates
503 Concordia Conclave 3rd Mon Feb, 2nd Mon Jun, 1st Mon Nov
46TI Concordia Consistory 3rd Mon Feb, 2nd Mon Jun, 1st Mon Nov
Royal and Select Masters
Number Council Meeting Dates
339 Brunel Council 1st Thur Apr, 4th Thur Oct